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How to Start a Community Group

Posted by Neil Essen on

God has given us a vision for multiplying the work He is already doing in us and through us at Ridgewood. A primary way that we are seeing that multiplication happen is through community groups meeting across the Western Metro. 

Our goal for community groups is to build our lives on Jesus through inclusive community where everyone matters and has a place to belong.

We have lots of groups to choose from, but we are also prayerfully asking God to start more and more groups in our midst. 

You might be asking yourself, “how would I go about starting a group?”

Here are four things to get you started in launching a group: 

1. Ask God to give you a desire for community in your own life

Do you have people that are dear to you and that you can turn to in times of crisis or great joy? Are there relationships around you that aren’t just there for fun, but that are helping you become more like Jesus? Has God put any neighbors, friends, or co-workers on your heart to pursue a greater relationship with?

2. Invite your core group

Reaching out to 2-4 people that you would invite to be the core for your group is an important part of beginning to experience the community God is using you to start! Who do you love? Invite them. Who do you want to get to know better on your street or in your workplace? Invite them. Who do you know that needs a place to belong or people to love them? Invite them too.

3. Choose a meeting location, time and path to experience the Bible

Have a dialog with your core team and decide on what your typical meeting rhythm will be including where and when you will meet. Will you gather around a dinner, just for coffee and dessert, etc? Also, discuss the first Bible study option you want to use. We provide several resources for going through any passage of scripture as well as a weekly group discussion guide built off the Sunday sermon that makes leading very simple and easy. RightNow Media is available for free through Ridgewood and many groups enjoy using those studies as well.

4. Gather up regularly to enjoy God, deeper relationships and living to Make Jesus Known together

Step out and go for it! As you move forward and begin to gather together, Jesus promised He would be with you! He has amazing things in store for you as the leader as well as those that join you each time. Be encouraged that God wants to use you in the lives of others. 

We have people that started groups around their committed core of friends, for their neighborhood, centering around investing in kids schools or reaching out to co-workers over lunch.

We are committed as a church to support you along the way. Please consider how God is leading you to lead others in a community group!


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