Ridgewood's Partnership with The Timothy Initiative

Reach the Unreached!
Reach the Unreached!

Did you know that there are still more than 3 billion people in the world who have never heard of Jesus?

Togo, Africa is the birthplace of voodoo. Lome is the capital city of Togo. It’s a large port city with a history of selling and shipping thousands of African slaves overseas. Witch doctors and voodoo practices are still prominent in the cities and villages of Togo.

The Timothy Initiative (TTI) and Ridgewood are working to spread the gospel of Jesus by planting churches in Togo to tell people what God has done for them.

A Visit to Togo
A Visit to Togo

Pastor Paul Johnson, Ridgewood’s Lead Pastor, and Keith Johnson, Ridgewood’s Board Member and Chair of the Mission Leadership Team, traveled to Togo with TTI’s leadership team to see what God is doing there.

They were amazed at how TTI train indigenous people in order to help them plant churches and make disciples. The trainers are called “Pauls”, the church planters are called “Timothys” and brand new Christians are called a “Titus”.

This is how the gospel is spreading. People are being set free from spiritual bondage. Lives are redeemed. God is saving people through the “Timothys” in their own communities. What a wonderful God we serve!

Help for the Poor, Widows, and Orphans
Help for the Poor, Widows, and Orphans

The Timothy Initiative also works to help the poor in the communities they serve. People are helped with food, clothing and to find shelter to meet their daily needs in addition to their spiritual needs.

Did you know that it only costs $400 to plant a house church in Africa? Yes, with only $34 per month for a year, your family can plant a church and help to bring the love of Jesus to many people in need.

Join us in giving and pray for the people of Togo.

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We've Planted 42 Churches With a Goal is 140 Churches or More in 2024!

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