Pastor for Student Ministries

Welcome Pastor Kyle Monroe!

Ridgewood Church is thrilled to welcome Pastor Kyle Monroe as our new Pastor for Student Ministries.

The Monroe Family

God has blessed Ridgewood with our new Pastor for Student Ministries. He’s a perfect fit for our church and we’re grateful to God for answering our prayers by sending Kyle to Ridgewood.

Kyle holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Northwestern Minnesota with a double major in Church Ministries and Biblical Studies.

He is an experienced leader and gifted teacher with a big heart for students and families. Kyle has been involved in student ministry since the year 2000 and most recently served for as Pastor of Student Ministries and Christian Education at Cross of Glory Church in Hopkins, Minnesota.

He is married to the wonderful Julianna, and they have two beautiful kids: Piper and Calvin. He loves to read, do jigsaw puzzles, play golf, and watch sports. He and Julianna also love to cook together, travel, and go on adventures.

Be sure to say “hello” to Kyle when you see him at church and give him and his family a warm welcome.

Reach out to encourage Kyle by sending him a welcome email or set up a time to talk with him.

Pastor Klye Monroe's Introduction to Ridgewood Church